Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well folks, after a long and arduous journey through this past semester of my sophomore year at Ringling, I can finally take a deep breathe… Cause I made it!!! I can call myself a junior now. Sadly though, I wont be able to post many things on my page this summer for lack of a scanner. But after I find a job, hopefully that will all change. But I will be doin alot of sketch book heavy activities and working with traditional media. I've got a lot of improvement to do this summer. But this will all be for the better. Oh and my advice to any soon to be sophomores and incoming freshmen: DRAW FROM LIFE EVERYDAY. EVERYTHING YOU SEE, AND KEEP AN OPEN MIND AND A WILLINGNESS TO LEARN. Anything worth having in life is not going to be handed to you or easy to obtain. You've got to work for it. Have a good summer everybody and produce your own shit. We're free for the next couple months.

peace wit 2 fingaz